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Precisely what macOS needed since the introduction of native IKEv2 VPN support!
By flyingsnowball – Feb 11, 2018

A macOS application to monitor and reconnect a lost or 'dropped'
VPN connection

Status bar App

VPN Monitor IKEv2 lives on the status bar and works quietly in the background.


Use the menu to connect, VPN Monitor IKEv2 will reconnect instantly when the connection drops.


An optional status panel to keep track of information.


Add safe WiFi networks to the whitelist and VPN Monitor will switch to standby.

Stop & Reconnect

A temporary disconnect, no need to remember to reconnect the VPN yourself.


IKEv2 is the preferred VPN connection, when the IKEv2 server is down, optional fallback L2TP/IPSec services are used.

Fallback Services

Select which of the VPN Services you configured under 'System Preferences > Network' should act as a fallback service and reconnect.

Connection Timeout

Switch to another VPN Service if a reconnect fails due to an unresponsive server.


Enable the heartbeat option for a regular double-check on your VPN connection. VPN Monitor uses macOS system notifications for realtime reconnects.


Enable the Safe Network option to switch VPN Monitor to standby mode on trusted networks. Enable the status panel on a single or on all desktops (spaces).


Configure IKEv2 manually or use a .mobileconfig file for easy deployment.


Built-in help with all the information you need to configure & automatically reconnect your VPN.


VPN Monitor uses very few CPU cycles and memory, with the energy saving option enabled this is reduced to the absolute minimum.

What is VPN and why would I need it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it is a technology that creates a secure network connection over the unsecure Internet. All traffic over a VPN is encrypted to secure data integrity, privacy and prevent any unintentional interception of data.

A VPN will help defend against mass surveillance by governments, corporations or hackers. It will keep your real IP address and location private and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or public WiFi-hotspot cannot decipher your internet traffic or know which websites you have visited.

VPN is an essential part of computer security ... you don't want your connection to drop unnoticed!

VPN starting at $2.99 per month


VPN Monitor IKEv2

The details

By taking advantage of the macOS operating system VPN Monitor gets notified of changes in connection status and immediately takes the required actions. Its efficient connect and reconnect approach ensures carefree operation. There is no so-called CPU intensive 'status polling' involved (as in Apple scripts or other Apps).

Monitoring State
Not Active
Waiting to reconnect
On Safe Network
No Network

Open VPN Monitor's menu by clicking the 'closed eye' icon in the status bar. Connect to IKEv2 or one of the L2TP/IPSec VPN Services. Once the connection is established the icon will change to an 'open eye' - from this moment the VPN will remain connected until you manually disconnect from the menu.

The icon on the status bar shows when a VPN connection is active, waiting to reconnect, is in standby mode or when no internet is available.

Enable the autostart feature and add VPN Monitor IKEv2 to your login items to automatically connect with every login or restart.

VPN Monitor uses the IKEv2 service configured under the App's preferences and the optional fallback VPN Services configured under macOS Networking. VPN Monitor will initiate the connect or disconnect, it does not send information to the internet or connect to the internet.

VPN Monitor IKEv2 is completely ad-free, safe, private and able to reconnect the following services:

Cisco IPSec

Note: Looking for a macOS 10.9/10.10 solution? Please see VPN Monitor

Is my IKEv2 account data secure?

It is not possible for an App to start or stop an IKEv2 service it does not 'own', hence it is required to enter the IKEv2 account information in VPN Monitor. This information is safely stored in a VPN Profile under 'System Preferences > Network' and passwords in the macOS KeyChain. As VPN Monitor does not connect to the internet itself and is a trusted AppStore App, your IKEv2 account data is safe.